When There Was Fire, We Found Fish

When There Was Fire, We Found Fish

In the late summer, early fall of 2020, Southern Oregon became a disaster zone due to a grass fire that started in Ashland. The fire destroyed most of the two towns, Phoenix and Talent, and left thousands of families homeless. Half of the city of Medford was...

Davey Johnstone offering KennyMetcalf a Shoutout – Rogue Fly Fish

Davey Johnstone, guitar player for Elton John, providing Kenny Metcalf as Elton and The Early Years band a shout out, which he’ll be enjoying their AXS TELEVISION broadcast on The Worlds Greatest Homage BandsRogue Fly Fish

Classifying streamers for easier fly selection

Most of us benefit from having systems in place. This is true about almost any activity or pursuit, fly angling included. When variables arise, whether expected or unexpected, having systems in place allows us to methodically troubleshoot our way to a solution. And,...