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G Loomis Fly Fishing

G Loomis is a well-known brand in the fly fishing industry, producing high-quality fly rods, reels, and accessories. G Loomis is based in Washington state and is known for their commitment to innovation, quality, and performance.

G Loomis offers a range of fly rods to suit various fishing situations and preferences, from freshwater to saltwater, and from trout to tarpon. They also offer a range of reels and accessories, including fly lines, backing, and tools.

Here are some examples of G Loomis fly rods:

  • G Loomis NRX: The NRX is a high-end rod that is designed for the most demanding fly fishing situations. It’s a fast action rod that is suitable for targeting larger fish species like tarpon, permit, or steelhead.
  • G Loomis IMX Pro: The IMX Pro is a mid-priced rod that is designed for performance and versatility. It’s a medium-fast action rod that is suitable for a range of fishing situations and target species.
  • G Loomis NRX+ LP: The NRX+ LP is a rod designed for dry fly fishing with ultimate precision, it’s light and responsive, providing maximum control over the line and leader in delicate presentations.

Overall, G Loomis fly rods are highly regarded by anglers for their innovation, quality, and performance. They offer a range of options to suit different fishing situations and preferences, making them a popular choice among fly fishermen. G Loomis is also known for their excellent customer service and warranties, which can provide peace of mind for rod owners.

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