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Redington is a popular brand in the fly fishing community, known for producing high-quality and affordable fly fishing gear, including fly rods. They offer a range of fly rods to suit various skill levels and fishing situations.

Here are some examples of Redington fly rods:

  • Redington Classic Trout: This is a popular rod for trout fishing, with a moderate action that allows for delicate presentations. It’s also relatively affordable, making it a good option for beginners or those on a budget.
  • Redington Vice: The Vice is a fast-action rod that is suitable for a range of fishing situations, from small streams to larger rivers. It’s designed to be powerful and accurate, making it a good choice for intermediate to advanced anglers.
  • Redington Dually: The Dually is a two-handed rod that is designed for spey casting and switch casting. It’s a versatile rod that can handle a range of fishing situations, from trout to steelhead.

Overall, Redington fly rods are generally well-regarded by anglers for their quality, affordability, and versatility. They offer a range of options to suit different fishing situations and skill levels, making them a popular choice among fly fishermen.

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