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Simms Equipment

Simms is a well-known brand in the fishing industry, and their waders are considered high-quality and durable. Simms offers different types of waders, including breathable waders, neoprene waders, and wading pants, to suit various fishing conditions and preferences.

Here are some reviews from other sources:

  • Outdoor Gear Lab rated Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot waders as their top pick for fly fishing waders. They praised the waders for their durability, comfort, and versatility.
  • Fly Fisherman magazine awarded Simms G4 Pro Stockingfoot waders as their 2019 Editors’ Choice. They appreciated the waders’ durability, comfort, and range of features.
  • Trident Fly Fishing rated Simms Tributary Stockingfoot waders as their top pick for budget-friendly waders. They commended the waders for their affordable price, durability, and comfort.

Overall, Simms waders are well-regarded by the fishing community, with many anglers appreciating their quality, durability, and range of features.

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