Spey Fishing

Spey fishing on the Rogue River

Spey fishing on the Rogue River can be a fantastic experience for those who love fly fishing. The Rogue River in Southern Oregon is well-known for its excellent salmon and steelhead fishing, and spey fishing is a popular technique used to target these species.

Spey fishing, also known as two-handed casting, is a specialized casting technique that utilizes a longer rod and a two-handed casting motion. It is especially useful when fishing for salmon and steelhead, as it allows anglers to cover more water and make longer casts with heavier lines and flies.

The Rogue River is known for its runs of fall Chinook salmon, as well as summer and winter steelhead. The best time to go spey fishing on the Rogue River depends on the species you want to target. Fall Chinook salmon usually run from August to November, while summer steelhead run from May to September, and winter steelhead from December to April.

There are many outfitters and guides that offer spey fishing trips on the Rogue River. These guides can provide instruction on spey casting techniques, as well as take you to the best fishing spots on the river. Many guides also provide all the necessary gear, including rods, reels, lines, and flies.

Overall, spey fishing on the Rogue River is a great way to experience one of the best salmon and steelhead rivers in the Pacific Northwest.

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