Fly Fishing

The Rogue River in southern Oregon is known for its scenic beauty and incredible fishing opportunities

Over the years, many legendary anglers have tested their skills against the river’s formidable fish. Here are some of the Rogue River fishing legends:

  • Zane Grey: Zane Grey was a famous author and fisherman who fell in love with the Rogue River during a visit in 1919. He built a fishing lodge there, which is now a historical site, and wrote several books about his experiences fishing the Rogue.
  • Frank Amato Sr.: Frank Amato Sr. was a fishing guide and author who wrote extensively about fishing in Oregon. He was one of the first guides to use drift boats on the Rogue River, and his techniques and insights have helped countless anglers over the years.
  • Buzz Holmstrom: Buzz Holmstrom was a legendary river runner and fisherman who is best known for his solo trip down the Colorado River in 1937. But he also spent a lot of time fishing the Rogue River and wrote about his experiences there.
  • Les Johnson: Les Johnson was a fishing guide and lure maker who spent more than 40 years guiding on the Rogue River. He was famous for his “Johnson Silver Minnow” lure, which is still popular today.
  • Bill Schaadt: Bill Schaadt was a fishing guide and conservationist who played a key role in preserving the Rogue River’s wild steelhead fishery. He was also known for his innovative fishing techniques and his commitment to teaching others about the sport.

These are just a few of the many fishing legends who have left their mark on the Rogue River. Their stories and techniques continue to inspire anglers today.

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